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French launch of INCEPTIO

Enthusiastic book buyers

A French bar, book lovers and my publication day – what a combination!

When Paperback Jan (Jan Smith) who runs the paperback exchange in the Deux-Sèvres urged me to have a mini-launch in France, I wasn’t quite sure.

Paperback Jan and author(!)

The bash at Waterstones Tunbridge Wells on 12 [...]

The journey home

Lagos, Portugal, six a.m. Luggage bundled into the car, fumbling in the dark with the satnav. Farewell waves from my magic circle, then eighty kilometers to Faro Airport. The ex-pat South African banters as the receives my hire car back into his fold. I escape from the wrong passport queue – I’m in Schengen, unlike [...]

The Domain of Soissons - a Roman remnant

The Roman Empire didn’t ‘fall’ in a cataclysmic event as the movies and TV would have you believe – it localised and eventually dissolved like chain mail fragmenting into separate links, giving way to rump states, local city states and petty kingdoms. New, dynamic and often warring nations emerged – Goths, Franks, Alamans and Burgundians.

But [...]

A surreal evening…

The 1990s ride again. No, really. At a meeting yesterday evening for autoentrepreneurs (small business creators),  I was dragged back to a business style that I thought had disappeared. By the end of the evening, I was having difficulty hiding my amusement. John Cleese’s Video Arts training company would have relished it as a ‘how [...]

Writing bootcamp at the Circle of Missé

Never having taken part in a creative writing course, I was excited, but a trifle anxious, when I was invited to join a ‘writing bootcamp’ at the Circle of Missé, a creative centre near my new home in France.

Lead by Annie Kirby, a renowned short-story writer who is also working on a full-length novel, [...]