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Casualty and being ecumenical

Yesterday I had a health scare and spent a significant part of the day in Casualty/ER/Urgences (take your pick), so I don’t have a prepared post. Lying hooked up and waiting for blood test results, the next ECG, whatever, I had time to think. And this morning in the shower, my random thoughts solidified.

No, [...]

Who owns your story?

At book club yesterday, we discussed many things. Books, obviously, but the conversation wandered on to reader expectations and I threw out the question about who owns the story in the book – the author, the reader, both or none of the above?

My stories start in my head, but they are the result of [...]

Meet Geri Clouston of IndieBRAG

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Geraldine Clouston, founder and president of IndieBRAG, an organisation whose mission is “to recognize quality on the part of authors who self-publish both print and digital books.”

One fearsome, but in a way reassuring, statistic is that IndieBRAG rejects 90% of books that it considers. Not quite two years old, [...]

Why my books are published in paperback

Although I couldn’t manage without my practical ereader  (Kindle Keyboard 3G) and downloaded ebooks, I still love physical  books. The cover, the colour, the weight, flicking the pages and smelling the paper – mmm! See a pile of books and I’m instantly lost.

Apart from the sensory feel of a book, all the elements are [...]

Hallowe'en Blog Hop

Hallowe’en Blog Hop Trick or Treat giveaway

Do you dare to read something a little different, possibly alternative, and discover a whole new world?  A touch of fear, lust or danger? Fantasy or thrillers? As Halloween is a tricksy time, it’s perfect timing to chance it.

Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, has Celtic origins rather [...]