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Making a book trailer - Part Deux

If you want a steep learning curve, try making a book trailer. If you like a story of persistence and life hours spent you can read how I did it (eventually) for INCEPTIO, the first Roma Nova thriller in February.

But as a keen movie fan and a glutton [...]

Take all the free help you can find

Monday mornings I spend a little time catching up on my favourite blogs. Even if I spend an hour of writing time, I always pick up at least three new tips.

Today, from Your Writer Platform I found out about the marvellous editorial calendar for WordPress which I promptly installed. On the Smashwords blog, I [...]

What’s new(s)?

First of all, I want to thank my loyal subscribers  – direct and by RSS – who  follow my blog posts. I hope I’ve entertained and possibly informed you. Now I’m stepping it up and will be sending out a monthly email newsletter. It’ll contain news, updates, comments, tips and competitions.

If you’d  like to [...]

Why I started writing novels

I started writing novels all of a sudden in May 2009.  Why? To tell a story, of course, a story that had been squatting in my head and slowly brewing for over ten years.  It was sparked into life by a visit to the cinema.

I’d always fancied the second male lead in the film [...]

Sharing hordes of information treasure

Dashing around visiting sites/blog/articles, I sometimes forget to tell others about the hordes of treasure I find, so here are two articles on promoting your book that I’ve found or visited recently.

50 Simple Ways to Build Your Platform Christina Katz writes:

“Writing rules. Self-promotion drools. Isn’t this how most writers think?

But as long [...]