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Writing guest posts, emails and tweets about INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and soon, SUCCESSIO, I’ve been asked why I write the titles in capitals. Some bloggers and respondees have written the book names with title case, e.g. Inceptio, Perfiditas and I’ve gently pointed out that it’s not quite correct.

So here’s the reason…I’m not SHOUTING, but following [...]

HNS Short Story Award 2014 - a reminder!

Deadline 1 April 2014!

The Historical Novel Society seeks to support writers of new historical fiction by the HNS International Awards – a series of competitions for previously unpublished short stories and novels.

The 2014 Historical Novel Society International Award, with a prize of $2,000, will be for an outstanding historical short story. [...]

My writing process

My thanks to Liz Harris for inviting me to be part of the My Writing Process blog tour. Her own blog is so engaging and full of photos ( Do go and visit, but not quite yet.

So, I have to answer four questions…

What am I working on? I’ve just finished the revisions to [...]

Character building, or what?

The most frequent question readers have asked me since the launch of INCEPTIO in March has been: how did you work out the characters?

Karen/Carina has been buzzing around in my head for a while – about fifteen years. So in the end it was a choice between seeing a psychiatrist or becoming a writer!


“Tom-ah-toes, tom-ay-toes” could wreck your book.

Reviews are lifeblood for any author and I fall on the ground worshipping any reader who has taken the time to compose one. Sometimes, they’re posted independently, on people’s blogs, or a group’s or writing association blog, or on the “big beasts”, Goodreads and Amazon. If you’re really, really lucky you’ll get in the national [...]