A “good” rejection

Agents are busy people – we know that – so when I read this (handwritten) note, I was strangely pleased:

Please forgive my incredibly slow response, but I liked your writing and had put it aside to get back to. It’s not right for my list, but I’m sure you will find an agent to suit.

The cynical may say it’s pretty standard, but this was a personal note added after the formal printed text. Me, I regard it as a near miss.

The last few replies from agents have said nice things about my writing: “well-written”, “intelligent”, “your work is good”, so I’m happy that the quality of my work is at publishable level.

It’s the list thing. Publishing is at an uncertain place and I can understand that companies are opting for the safe and known. I write thrillers with an alternative history setting, which is probably speculative in all senses of the word.

But I have faith, but hopefully not hubris, that my books will be published.

8 comments to A “good” rejection

  • You should be very encouraged, Alison. I know how difficult this whole process is. A positive rejection is another step along the way x

  • I know a rejection is a rejection but you must be pleased about this encouraging one.It’s so hard to get an agent these days.Good luck.

  • Alison

    Thank you, Sandra and Jennie. The rejections ARE getting better!

    But we can learn a lot from them as I wrote in my previous blogpost http://alison-morton.com/blog/2011/11/13/rejection-why-it-shouldnt-be-followed-by-dejection/

    But sometimes it’s down to your manuscript being in front of the right agent/publisher at the right time, otherwise known as luck.

  • Anything hand-written by an agent is GOOD NEWS. They don’t have to. They’re usually only too pleased to get the standard letter sent with a pp by the secretary.

    So be very pleased, Alison.

    Good luck on the next send out.


  • Alison

    Thanks, Denise.

    We plod on. In the meantime, it’s honing and writing. 😉

  • Debs

    It is a good rejection. Well done you and good luck with the next agent.

  • How lovely for you, and how lovely for us to be able to read a heart warming story about an agent and rejection!

  • Alison

    Thank you, Debs and Bex.

    I know she’d had it for a while, but I felt pleased she’d put it aside to come back to, that it wasn’t chucked out immediately.

    And it was a very reputable agency, so I feel that’s bonus points. 😉