Winter ebook sale - 50% or even less!

SALEINCEPTIO  (ebook)  is on sale until 20 January only.

Now, I don’t do free – I think writers should be paid for their creativity, the sweat of their brows and their sheer persistence. 😉

But offering readers a good deal is quite a different thing…

Where and how much?
Click the link below to go to the page on your your preferred site.

Amazon    £1.33
USA Amazon   $1.25 B&N Nook  $1.29 
Germany Amazon    €1.25
Worldwide Smashwords    $1.29
for all non-Kindle formats
Kobo   $1.29

 Caveat (as the Romans say) – Sometimes the retailers adjust the prices we have set, so they can vary a little. But the deals will still be excellent value!

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