Independent reviews for Double Identity

From Jean Gill on 4 January 2021 on Goodreads  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

High-octane thrills with feisty heroine and French / English bi-national flavour

Sexual harassment in the workplace gets the knee in the groin you’ve always wanted to deliver, in this gutsy thriller featuring a highly trained special force operative, Mel. Being so skilled in physical defence and quick to retaliate has drawbacks, however, especially as she’s investigating her fiance’s suspicious death in her bed and can’t afford to cross professional lines. She’s both helped and hindered by her rough diamond of a partner, McCracken, who tends to call a spade a shovel and who had her pinned for the murder right from the get-go.

My favourite relationship in the book is that between Mel and Oliver, the innocent gay partner of a crook Mel is tracking undercover. The undercover scenes in the Roma Nova series were among my favourites and in this sidestep to a new genre, the author conveys the betrayal implicit in undercover work, lying to those who become collateral damage. The conversations between Mel and Oliver are heartbreaking and the pain for both of them comes across.

Vulnerable underneath her hard shell, Mel discovers how little she knew the man she was going to marry and some of those around her enjoy her humiliation. Not McCracken, whose dogged pursuit of the truth overcomes his resentment at the forced partnership and the gradual formation of this duo into a team crackling with sexual tension (in a good way) is one of the entertaining threads in the novel.

High octane dangers and escapes have that attention to detail which is Alison Morton’s hallmark in all her books. Every break-in, jab in the neck or train journey is described with convincing accuracy. Mel’s bi-nationality gives a unique dimension to the story, action and point of view, which lets the reader breathe in British and French culture – a big plus these days when I feel the walls are closing in.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy a thriller with a female lead – and who doesn’t! Follows on well from the alternative history Roma Nova series and should please loyal readers like me as well as attracting new ones.

From A J ‘s Reviews 31 December 2020 on Goodreads ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great start to a welcome new series! I love Alison Morton’s ROMA NOVA series, but may actually like this new series even more. The protagonist (Melisande) is a young woman of dual French and English citizenship, who has just left the French Army when this story opens. She has retired from service because she is engaged to be married. Sadly, as our story opens, Mel wakes to find her fiance’ dead in their bed. Naturally, she is immediately suspected of causing his death, and of course she is determined to discover exactly what happened and why.

This engrossing tale swept me up and kept me reading as fast as I could flip the pages. I am in awe of Alison Morton, who has exactly the right background to write believable thrillers about a female soldier. I love the ROMA NOVA books and recommend them highly, but this new series should find an even wider audience. Well done!


From Promoting Crime Fiction/Mystery People  blog  7 January 2021

[Extract from very comprehensive review]
Double Identity
is a contemporary thriller by an author well known for her magnificent alternative history series, featuring strong women who are not afraid to fight for what they believe in. The action throughout the book is fast-paced and exciting, the background, which switches between France and England is fascinating, and the plot is intricate and well thought out. From a stark beginning, where the protagonist is bereaved and feels disempowered, she swiftly regains control of her life and dominates the action, both physically and emotionally. Mel is a magnificent character, strong and determined to battle against injustice, whether it is facing down a sexist police officer who attempts to sexually harass her, or discovering the truth about international intrigue. At the same time, she is emotionally vulnerable, as she comes to terms with her fiance’s death and the painful truths that are uncovered. Also, she is wise enough to reassess those colleagues that she had initially dismissed. Double Identity is the first in a new series featuring Mélisende des Pittones and she is a protagonist that I would happily read more about. Double Identity is a page-turner that I recommend.


From Chris Longmuir on 19 January 2021 on Goodreads  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Alison Morton is well known for her popular Roma Nova novels, but this book took me completely by surprise. This was a real change of direction for Alison, a completely different type of story.
The book is a thriller involving Melisande (Mel for short) a French military officer with dual nationality, and McCracken a British policeman. It starts when Mel wakes one morning next to the dead body of her lover. She is instantly suspected of murdering him, particularly by McCracken. To say that sparks fly between them would be an understatement.
The plot thickens when Mel is transferred from her military post into a mysterious European investigation service and she is teamed up with McCracken. From then on the story gallops along at an increasingly fast pace and Mel faces danger after danger, from Russian thugs, arms smugglers and money launderers.
I particularly loved the dynamics between Mel and McCracken, and their growing relationship was completely believable.
I could talk forever about this novel, but then, you wouldn’t need to read it. What I will say is that this book made my heart pound and had me on the edge of my seat. And I’m not sure if I’ve forgiven the author for my sleep deprivation while reading it. If you like a thrilling read, you’re going to love this.


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers –  INCEPTIO, CARINA (novella), PERFIDITAS, SUCCESSIO,  AURELIA, NEXUS (novella), INSURRECTIO  and RETALIO,  and ROMA NOVA EXTRA, a collection of short stories.  Audiobooks are available for four of the series.

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