Roma Nova trip = cancelled

View from the Magdelensberg

At last! I was going to Roma Nova for my holiday in June; from 8-23 June to be precise.

Okay, I confess, not exactly Roma Nova – after all, we all know it’s not real, don’t we? However, I planned a three-week trip to Slovenia and Austria, the geographical […]

Bored little Romans at home?

I haven’t written anything here on the Roma Nova blog about the current havoc wreaked across the world by Covid-19, the coronavirus. You can read a few of my thoughts here and here on my writing blog.

But as you probably know, Rome had its fair share of rampant disease not least the Antonine Plagues […]

Diversion, FTI or accidie?

What is that strange feeling when you schedule work in that day, but at 6 pm and the nth cup of tea, you wonder what happened. Many people suffer from this. Especially writers, it seems.

Diversion is a word that comes up a lot. Doesn’t sound too bad: something that distracts the mind and relaxes […]