An 'Extra' piece of Roma Nova...

Delighted to announce that the ebook of ROMA NOVA EXTRA is now available on Amazon, B&N Nook and Kobo.

The official publication date is 19 October 2018 when the paperback edition will be available from online stores (Amazon, The Book Depository, etc.) and through bookshops.

Eight stories – four historical and four present day and […]

Alternative history stories - historical fiction or not?

Historical fiction is a broad church; a re-telling real events, quasi-biographical fiction, romantic, adventure, fantastical and detective stories, tales from the cave to the 1960s and set in every country and social situation you can imagine. And within that mix are counter-factual, alternative history stories, the ‘what ifs’ which project a possible different timeline from […]

What did I learn from preparing Book 2?

Last Thursday, I finished the edits on the second Roma Nova book, PERFIDITAS. SilverWood Books’ editor made some excellent recommendations and sparked off other ideas that I incorporated in the final, final edition. Good books go through many revisions and edits, but at last it was done.

So how was it for me?

1. Strange […]