Meet Sue Cook

I am delighted to welcome a very special guest to my blog today, somebody who has supported Roma Nova since its earliest days. Sue Cook is one of the UK’s most experienced and popular broadcasters: You and Yours, Nationwide, Breakfast Time, Children in Need, Holiday, Crimewatch and most recently Making History and The Write Lines. […]

Romans and steampunk?

Today, I don’t only have a guest, I’m actually swapping blogs with Daniel Ottalini, another ‘Roman nut’ but with a difference…

Daniel Ottalini is the author of The Steam Empire Series, a fantastical Roman and steampunk story brought to life in his debut novel, Brass Legionnaire. Daniel has been an avid reader all his […]

How to have a successful blogtour

It’s the old five-Ps adage: Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Whether you do it yourself, contract a PR company or your publisher organises it, the same things apply.

Stage 1 – Planning Plan your tour length and frequency – five days, ten days, a month; everyday, every other day or three a week for a […]

In defence of round-robins

A round robin

Oh, the sneering! Oh, the superiority! Even Lynne Truss (Eats, Shoots and Leaves) is on BBC Radio4 broadcasting a series of witty ripostes to round-robins (RRs).

Now some RRs are painful: long-winded, which goes hand-in-hand with boring; poorly composed and/or typed; with scattered blurry photos; and produced with tight margins in […]

Liz Harris’s Road Back

I’m delighted to welcome Liz Harris to my blog today. With law and English degrees under her arm and experience of living in California and teaching teenagers in the UK, Liz started writing. She belongs to the Romantic Novelists’ Association, The Historical Novel Society and is a member of the Oxford Writers’ Group, where she […]

Retribution from or for Adrian Magson?

I’m (literally) thrilled to welcome Adrian Magson to my blog today. A freelance writer, reviewer and creative writing tutor, he’s the author of the Riley Gavin & Frank Palmer series of crime novels set in London and is currently writing two new series, the Harry Tate spy thrillers and the Lucas Rocco French police stories. […]