Holiday Historicals!

Holiday Historicals
What better than a good read over the Saturnalia/Christmas/Hanukkah period? And being slightly biased, I’d suggest a historical novel, so I’m banding together with some fellow writers to showcase a selection for you – all available at 99 cents/pence. Of course, I couldn’t resist putting INCEPTIO forward as my contribution!

Alternate history is the child of a mixed marriage – history and speculative fiction;  my Roma Nova books have more history genes, though, with a strong thriller streak and some recessive romance genes thrown in for good measure. INCEPTIO, as the Latin name suggests, is the start of the series.

INCEPTIO_front cover_300dpi_520x802We set off from modern day New York, but this isn’t time travel or fantasy. The historical timeline shifted very slightly sixteen hundred years ago in a mountainous area north of Italy. In AD 395, a group of Romans exiles facing persecution from the over zealous Christian emperor Theodosius founded a new ‘colonia’ – Roma Nova  – and their tough descendants defend their small state today as fiercely as their ancestors did. History has changed forever and the US is not the one it is in our timeline…

Into this steps a lost heir who thinks she’s just another New York office worker, a government enforcer with a grievance and a hot special forces Praetorian Guard on a mission. As the story unfurls, we see Roman virtus and technological genius as it could be in the modern era, a thrilling hunt, and a young woman coming into her own…

INCEPTIO is available from Amazon (universal link), Kobo, iBooks, B&N Nook  (Paperback also available via Amazon or your local bookshop)

For more about the world of Roma Nova, why not read Claudia Dixit’s travel guide to Roma Nova?
If you prefer some history (and who doesn’t?), try the Roma Nova story.

Now, here are some further suggestions…


Kingdom of Rebels – by Derek Birks
Kingdom of RebelsFifteenth Century – the Wars of the Roses

When all hope is gone, only death lies in wait…

England in 1468 is a nervous kingdom. King Edward IV has fallen out with his chief ally during the Wars of the Roses, the powerful Earl of Warwick. 
Ned Elder, a young lord whose sword helped to put Edward on the throne, has been forced out of England by Warwick.

Far away on the Scottish border, a beleaguered fort, Crag Tower, desperately awaits Ned’s return. Led by his fiery sister, Eleanor, the dwindling garrison is all that remains of his brave army of retainers. Unknown to all except the loyal knight, Ragwulf, Eleanor has Ned’s young son in her charge – a son who has never seen his father. But, as border clansmen batter the gates with fire, the castle seems certain to fall. 

One by one Ned’s family and friends are caught up in Warwick’s web of treason. The fate of the Elders and those who serve them lies once more in the balance as all are drawn back to Yorkshire where they face old enemies once more. Eleanor can only hope that Ned will soon return. She must fight to keep that hope alive… and when Lady Eleanor fights, she takes no prisoners…

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Similar TasteA Similar Taste in Books – by Linda Banche (Book 1 of ‘Love and the Library’)

Pride and Prejudice has always brought lovers together, even in the Regency. Justin has a deep, dark secret – he likes that most despised form of literature, the novel. His favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice, and, especially, Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Intelligent, lively, fiercely loyal Miss Elizabeth. How he would love to meet a lady like her.

Clara’s favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Intelligent, steadfast and willing to admit when he is wrong. Can such a splendid man exist? And can she find him?

One day in the library, they both check out copies of their favorite book. When Justin bumps into Clara, the magic of their similar taste in books just might make their wishes come true.

A sweet, traditional Regency romantic comedy novella, but not a retelling of Pride and Prejudice.

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Golden SerpentSearch for the Golden Serpent – by Luciana Cavallaro (Servant of the Gods Book 1)   600 BCE Ancient Greece

Evan, an architect, has been having strange dreams. Then he received an unexpected phone call from an entrepreneur from Greece who wants Evan to restore his family’s home. He dismissed the caller and regarded the person as a crank. During a dream, he met the mysterious entrepreneur, Zeus, who catapulted him back in time, five hundred years before the birth of Christ. Evan, an unwilling participant finds himself entangled in an epic struggle between the gods and his life.

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Children of ApolloChildren of Apollo – by Adam Alexander Haviaras (Eagles and Dragons – Book I)   Roman Empire, AD 202

At the peak of Rome’s might a dragon is born among eagles, an heir to a line both blessed and cursed by the Gods for ages.

Lucius Metellus Anguis is a young warrior who is inspired by the deeds of his glorious ancestors and burdened by the knowledge that he must raise his family name from the ashes of the past. Having achieved a measure of success in the emperor’s legions in North Africa, Lucius is recalled to Rome where he finds himself surrounded by enemies, cast into the deadly arena of Roman politics.

Amid growing fears of treachery, Lucius meets a young Athenian woman who fills his darkening world with new-found hope. Their love grows, as does their belief that the Gods have planned their meeting, but when an ancient oracle of Apollo utters a terrifying prophecy regarding his future, Lucius’ world is once more thrown into chaos. Ultimately, he must choose sides in a war that threatens to destroy his family, his faith and all that he has worked for.

Read Adam’s post:
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SEA WITCH Sea Witch – by Helen Hollick (Voyage One)    The Golden Age of Piracy – 1716

Escaping the bullying of his elder half brother, from the age of fifteen Jesamiah Acorne has been a pirate with only two loves – his ship and his freedom. But his life is to change when he and his crewmates unsuccessfully attack a merchant ship off the coast of South Africa.

He is to meet Tiola Oldstagh an insignificant girl, or so he assumes – until she rescues him from a vicious attack, and almost certain death, by pirate hunters. And then he discovers what she really is; a healer, a midwife – and a white witch. Her name, an anagram of “all that is good.” Tiola and Jesamiah become lovers, but the wealthy Stefan van Overstratten, a Cape Town Dutchman, also wants Tiola as his wife and Jesamiah’s jealous brother, Phillipe Mereno, is determined to seek revenge for resentments of the past, a stolen ship and the insult of being cuckolded in his own home.

When the call of the sea and an opportunity to commandeer a beautiful ship – the Sea Witch – is put in Jesamiah’s path he must make a choice between his life as a pirate or his love for Tiola. He wants both, but Mereno and van Overstratten want him dead.

In trouble, imprisoned in the darkness and stench that is the lowest part of his brother’s ship, can Tiola with her gift of Craft, and the aid of his loyal crew, save him? Using all her skills Tiola must conjure up a wind to rescue her lover, but first she must brave the darkness of the ocean depths and confront the supernatural being, Tethys, the Spirit of the Sea, an elemental who will stop at nothing to claim Jesamiah Acorne’s soul and bones as a trophy.

Read Helen’s post:
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Men of the Cross – by Charlene Newcomb (Battle Scars I)    Medieval – 12th century

Men of the CrossWar, political intrigue and passion… heroes… friends and lovers… and the seeds for a new Robin Hood legend await you…

Two young knights’  journey to war at Richard the Lionheart’s side sweeps them from England to the Holy Land in this historical adventure set against the backdrop of the Third Crusade.

Henry de Grey leaves Southampton in high spirits, strong in his faith and passionate about the mission to take Jerusalem back from Saladin’s army. Stephan l’Aigle’s prowess on the battlefield is well known, as are his exploits in the arms of other men. He prizes duty, honour and loyalty to his king above all else. But God and the Church? Stephan has little use for either.

Henry’s convictions are challenged by loss and the harsh realities of bloody battles, unforgiving marches, and the politics of the day. Man against man. Man against the elements. Man against his own heart. Survival will depend on more than a strong sword arm.

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Flavia's SecretFlavia’s Secret – by Lindsay Townsend       Roman Britain, 206 AD

Spirited young scribe Flavia hopes for freedom. She and her fellow slaves in Aquae Sulis (modern Bath) have served the Lady Valeria for many years, but their mistress’ death brings a threat to Flavia’s dream: her new master Marcus Brucetus, a charismatic, widowed officer toughened in the forests of Germania. Flavia finds him overwhelmingly attractive but she is aware of the danger. To save her life and those of her ‘family’ she has forged a note from her mistress. If her deception is discovered, all the slaves may die.

For his part torn between attraction and respect, Marcus will not force himself on Flavia. Flavia by now knows of his grief over the deaths of his wife Drusilla and child. But how can she match up to the serene, flame-haired Drusilla?

As the wild mid-winter festival of Saturnalia approaches, many lives will be changed forever.

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Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO. The fourth book, AURELIA,  and the Roma Nova box set are now out.

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The colour of Roma Nova

It’s a well-worn statement, a cliché, even that a book cover is what sells the book. My own method of choosing a book cold is to be attracted by the cover, pick it up, read the back cover blurb, read a paragraph or two on the first page, glance at the author bio (I’m the nosy type!), then drop or buy. And that’s it. In a few seconds, I’ve made my decision to add to that author’s royalties or not.

Covers I loveBefore I published INCEPTIO, I took weeks to collect a selection of covers I liked. I chose them all on pure instinct, not giving myself the chance to think about it. Click and copy, save, close document. You can see the whole selection by clicking on the image to the right.

My conclusion was that I liked a strong central image with two messages; one clear and one underneath. I also liked bold colours. A lot.

When I specified the INCEPTIO cover to the SilverWood Books design team, I asked for a gold symbol with imperial purple, on gloss. Purple signifies Rome, power, strength, royalty, rarity; the gold eagle is a sign of Rome, America and the Nazis. Oh, the latter wasn’t so good, but the ‘aquila’ is the classic Roman symbol so that’s what ended up on the cover. 😉

INCEPTIO_front cover_300dpi_520x802The graphic itself is executed in a very contemporary style which reminds us the story is set in the modern age. The shield/compass with a rising blade reflects toughness and focus – core Roman traits. Lastly, the streetscape behind balances the design – we’re in a  sophisticated, urban and elegant place with a river and classical buildings.

When the INCEPTIO cover arrived from the designer all I could do was point to the screen. Speech had fled. ‘Stunned’ doesn’t begin to describe it. And I still haven’t lost a jot of admiration for the SilverWood Books design team.

This week, I decided on the colour for the cover of the fifth Roma Nova book, INSURRECTIO. As with previous ones the colour reflects the content. PERFIDITAS is red because it’s the colour of betrayal as well as of Mars (god of war), anger and blood. SUCCESSIO’s blue cover gives the ideas of midnight and coldness; the villain is a real shocker, calculating and cold-hearted and many of the pivotal scenes take place in the dark.

Roma Nova booksFor AURELIA, we’ve replaced the gold emblem of the first three with a silver one, a reflection of Roma Nova’s most important natural resource which is central to the plot and a way of showing we’re into a new cycle of stories within the Roma Nova series. The green background? Dark like the other covers, it brings in the Roman ideas of youth, vigour and evergreen along with the suggestion of dark trees and the Roman defeat in the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD. A significant part of the action of AURELIA takes place in Germany. Will she end up like Varus, defeated in a dark forest?

I’ll be revealing the INSURRECTIO cover in the New Year. And the book itself? You’ll see it in Spring.


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO. The fourth book, AURELIA,  and the Roma Nova box set are now out.

Find out Roma Nova news and book progress before everybody else, and take part in giveaways by signing up for her free monthly email newsletter.

Developing Carina's graphic

BoxA6-final_smWhen I decided to put Praetorian Carina Mitela’s adventures together in a box set, I thought about the publicity materials to go with it. There are over 1,000 pages combined in INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO and the stories span fifteen years. So I needed an image to sum up the spirit of all three books, a quotation from Carina and a strapline.

I sat down and wrote down words that I associated with each book – action, adventure, Praetorians, fitness, thriller, romance, feminism, toughness, soldier, hunter, kidnap, courage, betrayal, children, Romans, virtue, eagle, purple, history, etc. etc. But nothing emerged that day from my brainstorming session.

But I wasn’t too worried. And sure enough, inspiration struck in the shower the next morning! I learnt in my previous business career that once I’d thought hard enough an idea or a problem, my brain would work during my quiet time overnight and deliver the goods. Well, usually… 😉

Roma Nova has a lot of hills and mountains and in SUCCESSIO, Carina goes running with Flavius, her comrade-in-arms, and they reach the top of a hill. She looks out over the landscape and says,

My ancestors fought to hold this land I’m not letting some throwback destroy it.

She shows her love for Roma Nova, her sense of history, her determination and her objective. It could apply just as much to the action in INCEPTIO and PERFIDITAS. So that was decided!

Next, I wanted a three-word strapline to represent the main theme of each book. INCEPTIO is about empowerment, so I shortened that to ‘power‘. PERFIDITAS centres firmly on ‘betrayal’ – easy! In SUCCESSIO, the idea of chickens coming home to roost in a very bad way was paramount, so ‘nemesis ‘ seemed a good choice.

But Carina and Conrad’s story is a great love story – one that has to endure great challenges – so I wanted to include that as a core theme.

The final element I needed was a strong image of a young woman standing on a mountain looking over the landscape. I sweated buckets and nearly wore my retinas out scouring iStockphoto to find the right one. But Carina was standing over my shoulder urging me on.

Once I had assembled everything and sketched out a ludicrously awful mock-up, I sent everything off to the talented Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics who whipped it all into shape for a postcard and web banner.

So we’re all ready to go for Tuesday launch day and beyond!

But if you can’t wait, you can pre-order. 😉




Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO. The fourth book, AURELIA, is now out.

Find out Roma Nova news and book progress before everybody else, and take part in giveaways by signing up for her free monthly email newsletter.

A new step - the Roma Nova box set

RomaNova series2D_smAs Book 5, INSURRECTIO, starts on its editorial journey and I’m mapping out Book 6 in my head, I realised I’d written over half a million words. And that’s not counting the two non-fiction books, Military or Civilians? and The 500 WordWriting Buddy, now in its second edition. Perhaps the over 400 posts on my two blogs, the first dating back to March 2010, would add a few more thousand to the total.

With Book 6, the second Roma Nova trilogy featuring Aurelia Mitela and her nemesis will be finished. As I work toward that, I decided to bundle the first three books, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO into a (hopefully enticing) set to attract new readers.

I’m not ‘bigging myself up’ – a gloriously awful, but descriptive phrase – but once discovered, readers do tend to like the stories. So I stirred my brains and asked them to find a way to introduce Roma Nova as easily as possible to new readers. The box set gives readers all three stories at once. And it’s terrific value with over 900 pages for £3.99/$5.99/4.99€.

It’s out on 10 November and can be pre-ordered now from Amazon worldwide, iBooks/Apple and Kobo and from B&N Nook and Nook Book from 12 November. But it’ll only be available for approximately 90 days until 31 January 2016, so best not to hang around.

So if you know somebody who hasn’t yet found their way yet to Roma Nova, you might like to suggest they start with this box set.


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO. The fourth book, AURELIA, is now out.

Find out Roma Nova news and book progress before everybody else, and take part in giveaways by signing up for her free monthly email newsletter.

Meet Aurelia Mitela - a woman and a warrior

Light1This post is one a group of articles by ten selected authors about women historical fiction characters ‘Shining Light on our Ladies’, of which more later…

Aurelia Mitela, archetype Roma Novan, came to life when I was writing the first Roma Nova book, INCEPTIO. Then, she was the clever, experienced grandmother of Carina, the book’s heroine.

Let Carina tell you in her own words of her first impression of Aurelia:
She’d been so concerned for me, but not in a soppy way. Direct and ‘no-nonsense’ fitted her perfectly, but her smile had been warm. I couldn’t help speculating how it would have been to grow up with her instead of the Browns. 

I started tapping the keys, surfing for Roma Nova while I was drinking and thinking. I couldn’t leave it alone. My grandmother’s name shot out at me. Fascinated, I loaded the English translation. The screen displayed a list of her business interests. Sketchy on detail, it gave some personal stuff at the end: head of the influential Mitela family, senator and government advisor, cousin to the current imperatrix. She really was a big hitter.”

Woman soldierIn PERFIDITAS, we see Aurelia, the cool ex-Praetorian, holding the family together after they’d been falsely arrested:
“[Aurelia to Carina] ‘I’ve been through a great deal worse. I’m not a little old lady out of some genteel novel.’ 

No, she truly wasn’t. She’d been PGSF [Praetorian Guard Special Forces] in her time, even led the attack to retake the city during the civil war. Although now in her mid-seventies, she definitely belonged to the “tough gals” league. 

She gave me a close description of the arresting party. What a difference it made when the victim was a trained professional and could give you precise, detailed information. She’d printed off her statement and signed it already.

Throughout the first three books, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO, we catch  glimpses of Aurelia’s early life, but even more, a whole range of questions are thrown up. What did she do in the Great Rebellion nearly twenty-three years before the time of INCEPTIO? Why is she so anxious when she compares the villain in SUCCESSIO to Caius Tellus, the brutal ‘First Consul’ who instigated the rebellion all those years ago? Who was the great love of Aurelia’s life that Carina only learns about in SUCCESSIO?

Berlin 1960scafe

1960s Berlin

In AURELIA, the fourth book which takes us back to the late 1960s, Aurelia is accused of murder while on a mission to Berlin, and while in remand undergoes a (hostile) psychological assessment. Here’s the report on her:

Subject is highly rational, quick-minded and a natural leader. She sees nothing is impossible given enough time and resources. Subject has the confident personality and willpower to pursue and implement her goals, easily bringing others with her. A dominant personality.

Strategic thinker, curious, innovative, able to grasp and deal with problems with determination and precision. Energetic and excellent communication skills, happy to confront and negotiate with others. Intelligent enough to recognise other people’s talents, and work with them. Requires challenges and even failures, or her self-confidence could easily turn into arrogance and condescension.

Personalities of this type cannot tolerate inefficiency or those whom they perceive as lazy or incompetent. They can be chillingly cold and ruthless when the situation arises, operating purely on logic and rationality. 

They interact very well with others, often charming them to their cause, and paying attention to other people’s feelings – or at least pretending that they do. Most mature and successful personalities of this type are genuine in this aspect to some extent, even though their sensitivity may hide a cold and calculating mind.

This is a slant on the classic ENTJ personality  profile from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a psychometric test system popular in business to indicate psychological preferences about how people perceive the world and make decisions. I needed to make the report negative for the story, but positive aspects of this type of personality are that they are conceptual and global thinkers, able to see connections where others don’t, and to think ahead. Couple this with the intuition and sense of fair play many ENTJs possess, it  can make life frustrating for this personality when people around them don’t  grasp things the way they do. Of course, this conflict is a gift for a writer… 😉

Palatine - 04In essence, Aurelia is a blood-and-bone Roma Novan whose values are based on traditional ancient Roman ones; tough, loyal with a strong sense of duty and fully aware of her responsibilities as head of a great family. But her desire to keep all the balls juggling in the air with precise timing leads to her being riven by guilt if she doesn’t perform a hundred percent.

Aurelia has one vulnerability, her love for her frail daughter, Marina. This vulnerability, and willingness to sacrifice everything for Marina, is also her greatest strength, along with her determination to serve her country.

Is she sympathetic? Yes, because under all that resolution and toughness, she is still a human being who experiences fear, love, despair and grief. She bitterly misses the strong comradeship of her earlier military career, and is exhilarated when going back into action. And then, there is her devotion to her life-long love, elusive though he sometimes is…
AURELIA trailer thumbnail

Watch the AURELIA trailer…




And the winner of a signed copy of AURELIA is…

(Or ‘Huge congrats’ in 21st century English)

Didn’t win the giveaway?  Commiserations, but you can  buy AURELIA at any of the usual retailers.
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And now, more about ‘Shining Light on our Ladies’ tour…  I’d like to introduce more fascinating women fictional characters, Princess Marguerite de France  and Gwenhwyfar, Morgause and Morgaine, along with their authors Sophie Perinot and Helen Hollick.
Médicis Daughter


Médicis Daughter by Sophie Perinot

As 16th Century France twisted under the serpentine rule of Catherine de Médicis, her youngest daughter, Princess Marguerite, walked a knife edge between the demands of her dangerous family, and those of her own conscience, cleverly navigating a court seething with intrigue and riven by religious war.
Click here to read more:



Sophie Perinot


Sophie Perinot is a re-invented attorney. With a BA in History and a passion for reading, writing historical fiction seemed a natural second career. She is the author of The Sister Queens (March 2012/NAL), A Day of Fire (Nov 2014/Knight Media, LLC) and the upcoming Médicis Daughter (Dec 2015/Thomas Dunne).
An active member of the Historical Novel Society, Sophie has attended all the group’s North American Conferences, and served as a speaker on multiple occasions. When Sophie is not visiting corners of the past, she lives in Great Falls, Virginia, with her three children, three cats, one dog and one husband.


July 2015


The Pendragon’s Banner  Trilogy by Helen Hollick

450 AD, and Britain is in chaos. Arthur, the next Pendragon, is to serve a hard apprenticeship before he can take his rightful place as King. Gwenhwyfar, spirited and independent, a pawn in the political struggle for power, loves only one man, Arthur. Morgause, bitter and determined to achieve power, manipulates those who fall under her spell. And the mysterious Morgaine…


3_Helen Medium


Helen Hollick lives on a thirteen-acre farm in Devon, England. Born in London, Helen wrote pony stories as a teenager, moved to science-fiction and fantasy, and then discovered historical fiction. Published for over twenty years with her Arthurian Trilogy, and the 1066 era, she became a ‘USA Today’ bestseller with Forever Queen. She also writes the Sea Witch Voyages, pirate-based fantasy adventures. As a supporter of Indie Authors she is Managing Editor for the Historical Novel Society Indie Reviews, and inaugurated the HNS Indie Award.


NEXT TUESDAY 27 October:
We set sail with Captain Jesamiah Acorne’s ladies aboard Sea Witch, meet a lady surgeon disguised as a man aboard another ship, and a lady who was blackmailed into marrying a knight….

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Ladies post 3 smaller

Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO. The fourth book, AURELIA, is now out.

Find out Roma Nova news and book progress before everybody else, and take part in giveaways by signing up for her free monthly email newsletter.

Shining a light - women in historical fiction

Light1My writing friend Helen Hollick, a powerhouse of fiction production and historical fiction champion, is hosting a month long blog tour featuring heroines in modern historical fiction. She’s enlisted nine others, including me, to take part. Each Tuesday, Helen will talk about one of her heroines and introduce two further ones.

Last week (6 October), Helen gave us her view on Emma of Normandy which interestingly was also Patricia Bracewell’s subject and Inge Borg’s Princess Nefret of Egypt.

This week, (13 October), Helen compares the two Ediths from 1066 and introduces three more heroines: Regina Jeffers takes a different look at Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourn, Diana Wilder gives us excerpts from her account of Southern lady Lavinia Wheeler during the American Civil War and Elizabeth Revill tells us about Carrie, a courageous young woman coming of age in Wales between the wars.

I’m introduced next week (20th October) after Helen’s piece on King Arthur’s women, and I let you into some revelations about the formidable Aurelia Mitela, along with Sophie Perinot and her heroine Princess Marguerite, Medici daughter.

The tour concludes on 27 October with Helen’s Sea Witch post, introducing Anna Belfrage’s Alex Graham and Linda Collison’s Patricia Kelley McPherson

What variety!

Oh, and we’re tweeting about it all month using #LightOnOurLadies Do join in!


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO. The fourth book, AURELIA, is now out.

Find out Roma Nova news and book progress before everybody else, and take part in giveaways by signing up for her free monthly email newsletter.