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Listen to Carina Mitela, 21st century Praetorian in Roma Nova, as she challenges all three.

And then listen to Aurelia Mitela, her precursor – Praetorian, spy, mother and thief taker in the 1960s.

Transformation, deception, rebellion, vengeance, comradeship, duty and epic love stories in these adventures in a new Rome founded sixteen hundred years ago by Roman dissidents, and ruled by women.

INCEPTIO where New Yorker Karen Brown is thrown into a new life in mysterious Roma Nova and fights to stay alive with a killer hunting her…

PERFIDITAS, six years on, where betrayal and rebellion are in the air, threatening to topple Roma Nova and ruin Carina’s life.

SUCCESSIO, where a mistake from the past threatens to destroy the next generation.

AURELIA, in late 1960s Roma Nova, Aurelia Mitela battles silver smuggling and illegal trading making the heartbreaking choice between her love, her child and her country…

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AURELIA Audible UK Audible US Audible Australia
Audio interview (free) Audible UK Audible US Audible Australia

And now on iTunes!

INCEPTIO iTunes UK iTunes US
AURELIA iTunes UK iTunes US

The first three books featuring Carina were narrated by Caitlin Thorburn and the fourth with Aurelia as the heroine by Julie Teal.

Here’s the video of a tiny part of the interview I recorded at Audible UK!  They let me witter on about Roma Nova. Fabulous!

I know this sounds like an Oscars’ acceptance speech, but I want to thank Louise Brice and Juliet Pickering at Blake Friedmann for arranging this and special thanks to the late Carole Blake for having faith in Roma Nova.


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Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers INCEPTIO, PERFIDITASSUCCESSIOAURELIA and INSURRECTIO. The sixth, RETALIO is now out.

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